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Lights On Creative optimizes small businesses online to compete against corporate & big box stores in your industry.

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Your website says a lot about your business. In fact, it says everything about your business. The quality of your brand has attracted people to your website, so a good first impression is crucial. Make sure that your website is exactly what you need, and what your customers are looking for. An easy and intuitive layout, clear and concise information and appealing graphics will make your website visitors want to stay on your page, leading to higher conversion rates.

Brand Management

Manage your brand’s online presence

As your online storefront, your website grows as your company grows. As a business, you always have new products, services, and promotions. You always have something new to tell your customers.

Don’t miss any opportunities to share your news. Keep your website up to date with everything new you’re doing as a company.

Brand Reputation Management:

With Lights On Creative, you get help managing listings, responding to reviews, and accessing valuable insights about when your brand is talked about most.

Brand Consistency:

If your graphics don’t match the logo on your packaging, your social media and your website don’t go together, or your site isn’t updated, you may lose out on customers that would have otherwise loved what you have to offer.

Brand Incentive:

Encourage users to leave reviews and shop at your business with extra discounts and perks. We tailor your brand incentive specifically to your company and customers.

Website Design & Development

Turn visitors into customers with clean design and paths to conversions

Website Design:

How do visitors feel when they find your website online? We know your small business provides something unique for customers. Our design team highlights your business’ story, products, and services to turn shoppers into customers.

Website Development:

Bring your new design to life easily with our in-house development team. Secure hosting, firewall protection, and routine scans that guard your small business’ website data and security are just some of the features Lights On Creative includes with our web development services.

Search Engine Optimization & Strategy:

Constant updates to your site to ensure compliance with the ever-changing landscape of rules and algorithms that determine where your business appears in Google search results

Content Creation:

Connect with your target and showcase the uniqueness of your business through compelling copy that sets your website apart from the rest.

Add On Options:

G-Suite email setup

Set up of e-commerce system

Email marketing integration

Back end user access

Data tool integrations that present how visitors are interacting with your website

Lead Generation

Get more traffic to your business’ website

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Our commission-based paid advertising services to take the risk out of this investment. We implement split testing, numerous target audiences, and multi-objective campaigns to engineer the perfect paid advertising campaign for your small business.

Social Media Marketing:

We use audits, competitor analysis, and content strategy to position small businesses social media for success. It’s one more way we shine brighter for our partners.

Email Marketing:

Keep your customers up-to-date on discounts, promotions, and other company news — and send them back to your website to learn more!


Let’s work together.

At Lights On Creative, we’ll strike the perfect balance between fun and functional. We tie in your branding, update graphics, perfect your copy, and create a user journey that makes the most sense for your company’s target audience.