how to be a digital content creator in 2021

How To Be A Digital Content Creator: How To Do Content Marketing Like A Pro

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Being a digital content creator can be engaging and rewarding. Digital content serves many purposes, such as informing, entertaining, or encouraging users. When it comes to content marketing, it’s crucial to find the right balance of content for one’s brand that keeps readers coming back for more. Check out these tips on how to craft the best digital content creator.

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What is a Content Creator

So what does a content creator do, exactly? A content creator is someone who creates captivating content to benefit a specific audience. The goal is to give users something to look at and interact with while invoking emotion. With content, creators can make funny videos to make teens laugh, recipes to help young adults cook, guides for homeowners to do simple repairs, and more. Whether content intends to teach or entertain, it always should aim to make users discover something new. As a content writer, knowing your target audience will help to create the best content that will appeal to them. When users like content, they subscribe and share, which will, in turn, lead to others discovering this content. While going viral may not always be the goal, it is vital to create a steady flow of content to keep one’s audience consistent. 

What Does a Digital Content Creator Do?

Creators can make content for fun. However, they also can create content for professional content marketing. In the modern digital landscape, brands and companies must have an online presence. Customers will turn to search engines, social media, or websites to find more information about a company. Creating quality content will lead users to spend additional time on a website and interact more with the brand. Most importantly, content can improve a customer’s chance of converting on a site and making a purchase. 

Instead of posting a simple photo of a product, try creating an interactive post to help consumers imagine the item in their bedrooms. Post videos showing the product in action. Write blogs explaining the difference between services. Make posts followers will interact with like polls and surveys. 

Riveting content is more likely to be shared, increasing how many people see it. The more people know a brand, the more likely they are to interact with it. By creating content, users will find the answers they’re looking for in a fun and creative way. Creative content is memorable for a company’s brand and will keep users coming back for more. 

Types of Content Creation

Online, there are millions of websites, social media accounts, and users vying for one’s attention. It’s a content creator’s job to generate captivating content that stands out from the crowd. There are many forms of content creation, and each one serves a different purpose. 

Social Media 

Perhaps the most popular form of content creation is social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have risen to become major hubs for content. These platforms are great for anyone to start making content, as they are free to use and easy for people to follow or subscribe to an account. Each platform offers different benefits–Instagram for pictures, Tik Tok for short videos, YouTube for long videos, Twitter for quick news updates and humor, and Facebook for a well-rounded post. One can determine what kind of content they are looking to create, and from there, decide which medium will work best for their work. Social media is great for content marketing because of its features like ads, promoted posts, and in-depth analytics. Social media is a quick way to update a company’s audience on their newest products and sales.

Blog Writing

Blog writing is a fun way to create long-form content. When someone wants to make a list, describe something in detail, explain a tough topic, or teach something, blogs are a great place to start. They offer the most freedom to create valuable long-form content that provides the reader with something extra and solidifies a company’s authority as a knowledgeable source in their industry. 


Websites are essential to market any company, brand, organization, and person. For content marketers, this is the hub where all content should live. Although websites have copy of their own, make sure to link social accounts and blogs so they are easily accessible from the website. It is crucial to keep websites updated as often as possible, so all the newest content and ideas are displayed.

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How to Become a Digital Content Creator

People expect more of their brands now. Users turn to companies as a subject matter expert and expect them to provide information or entertainment. As a result, content marketing should be a pillar of every company’s marketing strategy. So if you’re wondering how to do content marketing, you’re already on the right track.

First, creators must pick which tone they want for their content. Do they want their content to be funny? Informational? Do they want to make users think? Maybe they want to provide news on their industry. The possibilities are endless, but it’s essential they find a voice for their content.

Next, think of topics that are relevant to one’s company. If someone has a fencing company, an infographic on different kinds of fences may be useful. If a company is a dental office, perhaps funny behind the scenes, videos of the dental hygienists may ease nervous clients. A landscaping company may want to post pictures of the beautiful lawns they’ve serviced. A pizza place might want to advertise deals and sales above all else. 

Once a company finds topics that will interest their followers relevant to their brand, it’s time to get crafting! Creators should pick the platform that best suits their content–whether it’s images, video, or writing, there’s always an ideal place for it.

It’s essential to remember to do keyword research for content marketing. By finding the most relevant terms, creators can direct people to consume content on their topics. Being easy to find is the most important part. Remember to maintain SEO to get the most hits on content.

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