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White Label SEO vs. Black 2021

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White Label SEO vs Black: what do these terms mean? And, more importantly, how do they affect a company’s SEO plan for 2021? Every year – including 2021 – there are updates to search engine algorithms. These updates determine whether a company’s website is legitimate, high-quality content. While search engine optimization (SEO) should be part of any 2021 digital marketing checklist, it’s essential to ensure your business follows SEO best practices. 

SEO best practices help a company’s audience find what they’re searching for. They also make sure search engines deem a site’s content high-ranking. Moreover, following best practices makes it less likely that a company’s hard work in the SEO department will get sandbagged when Google releases a new algorithm update. Google algorithm updates typically penalize websites that are trying to cheat the system.

Those in the SEO industry have deemed the following SEO approaches as white label seo vs black.

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White Label SEO vs. Black Label SEO Differences

What’s the difference? Companies practicing white label SEO optimize content for search engines by following SEO best practices. These practices aim to satisfy both users and search engines. In other words, a company’s audience is finding what they’re searching for because the company writes the content in a user-first approach. Content is helpful, clear, and well-written. What’s more: individuals can find the content on an easy-to-navigate website designed with user experience (UX) in mind. White label SEO can be a beneficial marketing tool for every company or small business. Moreover, it can take their customer base to the next level – especially during COVID.

White Label SEO

While white label SEO requires a more significant investment of time and money upfront, the value comes in the long-term, genuine increase in organic traffic and conversions one will see.

Black Label SEO

Black label SEO, on the other hand, indicates taking shortcuts to appear in search results by creating content in a search bot-first manner. This approach generally involves trying to find ways around search engine algorithms. This method effectively aims to cheat the system. While it can be enticing because of its lower prices and quicker-promised results, this method can ultimately cost more in the long run. A site will disappear from high-ranking search results once search engines discover the site isn’t following the rules. Some sites have even gotten their content banned from search engine results altogether.

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White Label SEO & Black Label SEO Examples

White Label SEO Examples

Examples of white label SEO practices include keyword research and optimization, understanding one’s audience, and competitor analysis. These examples all result in high-quality, informative writing for a company’s target customers. Easy to navigate content is also a great way to provide potential customers with what they are searching for. Link building, using quality links, demonstrates that a website’s content is superior and useful to search engines. Local SEO is another great way to show that a site’s content is relevant to what users are searching for and applicable in their area.

Remember: search engines want to provide users with the best content. Adhering to their standards indicates to search engines that content is worth displaying.

Black Label SEO Examples

Examples of black label SEO include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and content spinning. Keyword stuffing indicates to Google that a website is of low quality and difficult to navigate. While this used to be an effective method, search engines updated their algorithms to observe whether a site is overly using keywords. Likewise, cloaking, another black label SEO tactic, shows one page to search engines and another to users. Cloaking is a big problem because it again tries to get away with ranking while providing subpar content on a site. Finally, content spinning involves taking others’ hard work in your industry and slightly rewording it so that your site can garner the competition’s existing users. Other black label risky techniques include spam guest posts, automatic comments, and low-quality backlinks. 

Why Agencies Use White Label SEO

White label SEO companies follow search engine guidelines and provide first-rate content for their clients to offer genuinely informative, well-researched, and easy to navigate content for clients’ potential users and customers. This content creation method leads to high-quality conversions – whether that be website clicks, sales, e-book downloads, or more. The types of conversions for a company’s site will depend on their end goals.
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White Label SEO for Agencies

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